Services offered by CW Planning Solutions

CW Planning Solutions is  an independent planning consultancy set up in 2011. 

The practice offers a wide range of services, which may be of benefit to anyone involved in the development industry, or an individual who wishes to develop.

The practice offers the following services:

Submission of Planning  ( and other ) Applications. the research, preparation and submission of applications to local planning authorities (LPA's), by providing  comprehensive project management service from the starting point to when the decision is made by the LPA.

Submission of Planning Support Statements. In cases where other technical professionals are 'handling ' the submissions, supporting statements can be provided citing case law, and interpretations of national and local planning policy.

Appeals. The company has  a good track record of success on appeals, and has experience of preparing, submitting and presenting at both public inquiries and informal hearings.

Site Appraisals. The submission of site appraisals as part of the local plan process, using  a wide range of sustainability indicators  to give the landowner/client the best possible chance of their land being included in future site assessments.

Objections. The company can provide expert advice on the submission and presentation of objections to unacceptable proposals. 

Conservation and Listed Building Appraisals. We have access to competent specialist professionals who can advise on proposals for development that affect heritage assets.

Other Specialists. CW Planning has good working relationships with a number of specialists in the fields of ecology, transport, flood risk, noise, trees and contaminated land.

Plan Drawing. The company can draw 'simple' plans but it usually works with a number of local companies and individuals who draw technically proficient plans.