Terms and Conditions

For anyone thinking of acquiring my services please understand that my terms and conditions are quite simple.

As a member of the Royal Town Planning Institute, I am required by their code of conduct to enter into a formal written agreement prior to commencing work on any scheme.

That is a legally binding agreement on both parties.

My normal arrangement is a fixed fee. Occasionally on long term projects , some clients are willing to pay an hourly rate, but again I will set a cap. 

To engage my services the agreed fee is in two parts . 50 % on commencement and the remainder on submission of the work to the relevant authority. Occasionally on larger , more long term projects, that may be split 30 % on commencement , 30% on submission and 30 % on completion.

The total fee covers my work up to the decision by the relevant body. It does not cover the dischage of any conditions or any appeal should we not be successful. The fee is fixed to reflect the what I think the complexity of the case I am engaged to carry out, will be.

Please note that on payment of the initial part of the fee there may not be anything visible for you, as the client, to see. Much of the initial work, may well be sourcing legislation, case law, planning policies both national and local, and speaking to and working with other consultants that may be involved in the submission of the end piece of work. Whilst I will try to keep you informed that may not be always possible.

Finally, please remember you enter into the agreement of your own free will.