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Sometimes it pays to listen February 26, 2018
  CW Planning Solutions 1 min ·  Appeal and costs won ( oh and national recognition in Th... [MORE]

Supreme Court Ruling on Housing land Applications May 12, 2017
The Supreme Court has ruled on the issue of Paragraph 49 and Paragraph 14 of the National Planning Policy Framework, and the issue of relevant polic... [MORE]

GPDO Loophole plugged April 21, 2017
Last year a High Court judge issued a decision ( known as Hilton) which effectively tore up practioner's understanding of extensions under Class A o... [MORE]

Gardens in non built up areas are 'Brownfield land' March 31, 2017
The Court of Appeal has recently confirmed that residential gardens in the countryside are to be considered brownfield land. Dartford Council unsucc... [MORE]

Latset Court Ruling means more uncertainty May 20, 2016
The much anticiapted Court of Appeal decision last week , and subsequent modifications to the National Planning Practice Guidance, means that yet ag... [MORE]

Court of Appeal to issue judgement on Affordable Housing May 06, 2016
May 12th ...mark it in your diary! Sources inform me that's the day the Court of Appeal will rule on the Government's legal challenge to the High co... [MORE]

Housing and Planning Bill Raises lots of issues January 27, 2016
Just before Christmas the Govenment raised some interesting amendments in the Housing and Planning Bill which is now headed off to the House of Lord... [MORE]

Government loses August 03, 2015
Friday saw the long awaited announcement that Reading Borough Council and West Berkshire District Council have persuaded the High Court to quash the... [MORE]

CW Planning Solutions to become a Ltd Company July 14, 2015
The continued success of CW Planning Solutions has meant that the time is now right to become a limited company. As from 1st August we will be tradi... [MORE]

Finally after years of complaining ( since 1995) that revision after revision to this document had meant utter chaos and confusion amongst practione... [MORE]

New NPPG Changes March 25, 2015
Planning Practice Guidance the Government's online advice to all concerned with planning has been updated a number of times this year. For further i... [MORE]

Green Belt and the NPPF January 30, 2015
If i have one criticism of a lot of of LPA planners its the understanding of Green Belt and how to interpret development therein. The most common mi... [MORE]

Christmas Holidays - always a good time to change policies January 07, 2015
I seem to remember an aide to Tony Blair getting fired becasue they chose 9/11 to 'bury some bad news' whcih just goes to show you can never predict... [MORE]

NPPG- training December 18, 2014
The 17th December was an interesting day providing training to 16 planning officers from 6 LPAs in Worcestershire on the NPPG. An interesting challe... [MORE]

Government puts a spanner in Local Planning Polices December 01, 2014
This weekend saw the Government, rightly or wrongly, put a huge spanner in the works of local planning policies which related to developer contribut... [MORE]

Prior Notification Applications- some clarity November 07, 2014
With the exception of Class MB ( see blog) we now appear to be getting some consistency from the Planning Inspectorate regarding prior notification ... [MORE]

What Constitutes Unreasonable Behaviour October 29, 2014
LPA`s are generally unaccountable! I once had a meeting with some middle ranking officers in a metropolitan authority near me and during the meeting... [MORE]

Redhill Judgement Overturned October 17, 2014
The recent `Redhill Judgement ` regarding how to interpret `....any other harm` in relation to inappropriate development in the Green Belt has been ... [MORE]

Understanding the drafting of enforcement notices October 07, 2014
It has long been my view that a lot of LPA`s don`t understand CLEUDS, and planning `units, and how they all work together. CLEUDS Are essentially le... [MORE]

Concealment update October 02, 2014
Issues of deliberate concealment are a headache for any planning department. Where there is the potential to argue deliberate concealment then the i... [MORE]

A Busy September September 11, 2014
Two applications and an appeal submitted already with a further 6 in the pipeline, allied to a couple of days training, one in Glasgow and one in lo... [MORE]

Where are the Giants of Planning? August 01, 2014
The recent death of Sir Peter Hall took away another of the greats of modern planning. Most people involved in planning today will probably have nev... [MORE]

2 More Approvals July 10, 2014
CW Planning Solutions has been successful this week in getting retrospective planning approval for change of use from agricultural buildings to mixe... [MORE]

Wellingbourgh July 07, 2014
I have just completed a one day training course for Trevor Roberts Associates in Wellingbourgh with  their councillors. A well attended course,... [MORE]

Presenting Skills May 22, 2014
I`ve just had an interesting day in the Yorkshire Dales National Park facilitating a new one day course on behalf of Trevor Roberts Associates ... [MORE]

Green Belt Land is Discriminatory (?) May 14, 2014
This wek sees the publication of a research paper by an LSE professor which claims that the original purposes of GB land have been lost and that ins... [MORE]

Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS)- and new development April 09, 2014
Schedule 3 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 requires Local Authorities to approve, adopt and maintain SUDS if serving more than one new pr... [MORE]

GOVERNMENT PLANNING CHANGES -New PD rights - just around the corner March 06, 2014
Following a ministerial statement today from Nick Boles, its fair to say that PD rights changes for change of use from shops and offices outside of ... [MORE]

Powys- People who listen February 20, 2014
Just done two days training of Councillors in Powys for TRA. For those who don`t know where Powys is its in mid Wales. They have a policy which is t... [MORE]

Pre-Application Engagement Document Launched by the RTPI January 24, 2014
The RTPI endorses good practice on pre-applications This week saw the launch of ten commitments for effective pre-application engagement The RTPI w... [MORE]

2 More Sucesses January 21, 2014
CW Planning Solutions has been successful in acquiring planning permission for a new dwelling on land to the rear of 312 Whelley and in the same wee... [MORE]

Planning permission Granted for new dwelling In Wigan January 14, 2014
Wigan Council , have just granted permission for a detached four bedroom dwelling at the rear of 308A Whelley, The scheme submitted by CWPlanning So... [MORE]

Permission Granted for 4 dwellings in the Green Belt November 20, 2013
CWPlanning Solutions has just recieved through planning approval from St Helens Council for the demolition of a disused water treatment works and it... [MORE]

Bolton agree dwelling October 19, 2013
At the third time of asking Bolton Planning Committee have approved a dwelling on land to the rear of 219 Chorley Road, Blackrod. The application w... [MORE]

The Art of Negotiations September 20, 2013
I have just completed a successful negotiations skills course on behalf of TRA (19/09/2013) How do i know it was succesful ? Well the participants g... [MORE]

CIL- and being the first September 17, 2013
Community Infrastructure Levy has now been introduced in Chorley BC ( see section on CIL on this website) and CWPlanning Solutions was the first `pl... [MORE]

Permissions Galore August 14, 2013
Since May CWPlanning Solutions has successfully got planning permission for a mobile home and outdoor play equipment and car parking for an outdoor ... [MORE]

NEW Permitted Development Regs go through Parliament May 09, 2013
The new and very controversial PD regulations (amendment to the GPDO) went through Parliament today and come into force on the 30th May. https://ww... [MORE]

Successful Leadership Course run in East Herts April 04, 2013
Leadership and management- subjects close to my heart and ones which I feel I can contribute towards ( see blog on `ego`) Last week I carried out a... [MORE]

I`m speaking at a national conference in London March 15, 2013
I have just accepted an invite to speak at a National conference for planning support staff in London on the 6th June. I`ve been asked to speak at a... [MORE]

Another Approval February 11, 2013
South Ribble BC approved a two storey side extension for a detached dwelling in Salmesbury. The extension was at the upper limits of what is aceptab... [MORE]

3 Approvals and a Refusal February 06, 2013
3 approvals this week, one for a two storey side extension,in the Green Belt in Charnock Richard 12/01201, one for the extension of a bungalow ... [MORE]

More and More Changes from Govt January 31, 2013
The Government is getting busy! There are a number of consultation documents out at the moment seeking peoples opinions on proposed changes to the p... [MORE]

December was a mixed month January 02, 2013
December- 3 planning refusals and 3 approvals- the definition of a mixed month. The approvals were welcome, not least because they came after the re... [MORE]

Full Steam Ahead November 27, 2012
CW Planning Solutions has just received planning permission for an engineering operation for the track for a miniature railway at Botany Bay, Chorle... [MORE]

Approval of Conversion Scheme November 21, 2012
Chorley`s Development Control Committee last night approved  the conversion of the former Conservative Club on Railway Road, Adlington to 6 apa... [MORE]

Personal Effectiveness and Time Mangement November 15, 2012
I have just come back from St Albans, a trip undertaken by car because of the stupid rail prices for leaving London before 7.30 at night! Anyway Tim... [MORE]

4 applications submitted this week November 02, 2012
What a busy old week- with 4 applications submitted and 3 new clients. Applications have been submitted in Hyndburn, Wigan and 2 in Chorley. In addi... [MORE]

4 More applications up and running October 24, 2012
One in South ribble for a house extension in the Green Belt, one in Bolton for a first floor side extension, and two in Chorley, one  a resubmi... [MORE]

Permission Granted in Chorley October 23, 2012
CW Planning Solutions has achieved planning permission for domestic extensions to a bungalow in Melrose Way, Chorley 12/00853/FUL. ... [MORE]

Negotiations Skills Course Runs in York. October 23, 2012
Chris Weetman has successfully run a negotiations skills course on behalf of Trevor Roberts Associates  in York. Attendees gave 4s and 5s (out ... [MORE]

First REFUSAL October 23, 2012
CW Planning Solutions had its first refusal of a planning application in Bolton. The application was refused by committee against officers recommend... [MORE]

Barn Conversion Approved September 26, 2012
CW PlanningSolutions has aquired planning permission with conditions for a change of use from a barn to residential accommodation for Taylor and Son... [MORE]

Management Course to Run in London September 26, 2012
CW Planning Solutions is to run the TRA management course `Managing in Planning Today:Achieving More from Less` in London on the 25th September. UPD... [MORE]

Positive Decisions September 18, 2012
Planning approval has been gained for clients for a new infill bungalow in the Green Belt in Charnock Richard (Chorley BC), a new animal welfare she... [MORE]

Councillor Training in North Yorkshire September 18, 2012
CW PLanning Solutions has successfully carried out Councillor training in North Yorkshire Couty Council on behalf of Trevor roberts Associates on th... [MORE]

CW Planning Solutions to Chair Conference September 18, 2012
Chris Weetman will chair the Trevor Roberts Associates Forum on Enforcement in Manchester on the 28th October. Speakers will include the eminent pla... [MORE]

Objections to LDF September 18, 2012
CW Planning Solutions has submitted representations to South Ribble BC `s Site Allocations Plan on behalf of Thomas Mawdsley Builders. ... [MORE]

Planning Support Statements September 18, 2012
CW Planning Solutions has submitted planning support statements for schemes in Rectory Close , Chorley, Trinity Gardens, Stockport and The Gravel, M... [MORE]

Work Rolling in July 16, 2012
Work continues to roll in with  3 new proposals being submitted to LPA`s in the last 10 days and more work on the drawing board. ... [MORE]

Fees July 16, 2012
I have now decided to re format how I charge my fees. From today (16th July 2012) I will charge fees as follows : Overall fee to be divided in two.... [MORE]

More Work June 13, 2012
Since returning from my holidays, I have 5 new pieces of work in the pipeline from Great Harwood in Accrington to Wyre. ... [MORE]

New Aplications to be submitted in Chorley and Bolton May 16, 2012
New planning applications are being submitted this week for residential development and change of uses for schemes in both Chorley and Bolton. ... [MORE]

Enforcement Issues Successfully Resolved May 16, 2012
CW Planning Solutions has successfully resolved an outstanding enforcement issue relating to the ancillary use of an outbuilding with Chorley BC. Wo... [MORE]

Negotiations Skills course goes well May 16, 2012
CW Planning Solutions has succesfully completed Negotiations Skills course to Scottish Planners from Local Planning Authorities in Glasgow. 12 offic... [MORE]

Appeal work sercured in Wirral May 10, 2012
CW Planning Solutions is to act as agent on an appeal against a planning condition on  a property in a Conservation Area on the Wirral ... [MORE]

New Work in South Ribble May 10, 2012
CW Planning Solutions is to at as agent following refusal of planning permission by South Ribble BC for a bungalow in Hutton ... [MORE]

Extension Approved April 27, 2012
Wigan MBC yesterday approved a two storey side extension following a submission by CW PlanningSolutions ... [MORE]

Another Feasibiity Study April 24, 2012
CW Planning Solutions has secured another contract to carry out  a feasibility study on a brownfield site in Chorley for potential redevelopmen... [MORE]

Spreading the Wings April 24, 2012
CWPlanning Solutions is to act on behalf of a developer in Stockport providing supporting planning advice working with Swift Design ... [MORE]

Appeal Success April 24, 2012
The Planning Inspectorate has allowed an appeal by CWPlanning Solutions for a new building in the Green Belt in Chorley. CWPlanning Solutions succes... [MORE]

Feasibility Study for Brownfield Site April 11, 2012
CWPlanning Solutions is to prepare a feasibility study for a site in Chorley, as to whether a barn conversion and redevelopment for residential prop... [MORE]

Acting as Agent for new dwelling in Bolton April 05, 2012
CWplanningsolutions has been appointed to act as planning agent for a client who wishes to erect a new dwelling on land to the rear of their propert... [MORE]

4 more Pieces of work secured March 12, 2012
CWPlanning Solutions is to act for three more clients as planning agent for their applications. One is for a new infill dwelling, the second is in r... [MORE]

Appeals and applications galore March 06, 2012
CWPlanning Solutions has submitted a first floor side extension to Wigan Council and an Appeal in Chorley BC for a detached dwelling in Croston ... [MORE]

Customer Care Training in Rhondda March 06, 2012
CWPlanning Solutions is to deliver a customer care training course to planning and enforcement staff in Rhondda on the 26th April on behalf of Trevo... [MORE]

Appeal lodged in St Helens February 21, 2012
CWPlanningSolutions lodged an appeal against the refusal of planning permission for extensions at 27 Beacon Road, Billinge by St Helens Council. ... [MORE]

Councillor Training in Powys February 16, 2012
CWPlanningSolutions is pleased to have been selected by Trevor Roberts Associates to carry out Councillor training over two days in Powys on 22/23 M... [MORE]

TRA Courses February 16, 2012
CWPlanningSolutions will be carrying out 2 negotiaion courses and 2 new management courses for Trevor Roberts Associates this year. ... [MORE]

More work secured February 15, 2012
CW PlanningSolutions has recently submitted a Heritage Statement for development in Newburgh Conservation Area with a 48 hour turn around from being... [MORE]

More appeals February 15, 2012
CWPlanningSolutons has two more appeals in the pipeline this week- one in Chorley and 1 in St Helens ... [MORE]

New Work Secured January 26, 2012
CW Planning Solutions has aquired more work in St Helens and an appeal in Chorley Borough ... [MORE]

Stable Conversion Approved January 11, 2012
After  6 years of trying planning permission was granted to CW Planning Solutions at the first time of asking for the conversion of stables to ... [MORE]

Retrospective Application Approved December 13, 2011
Planning permission for the retrospective planning application submitted by CW Planning Solutions for a menage in Rainhill - St Helens has been appr... [MORE]

Newark and Sherwood Report completed October 07, 2011
The final report into the results from the service users of Newark and Sherwood Planning Service has been completed and sent to the Local Planning A... [MORE]

Retrospective application for retention of menage to be submitted next week October 07, 2011
A retrospective application for a menage is to be submitted to St Helens Council next week. ... [MORE]

Bassetlaw Report Completed September 12, 2011
Work on the draft final report was completed in August 2011 and subsequent discussions with the Head of Community Prosperity at the Authority have b... [MORE]

Barn Conversion Application Submitted September 12, 2011
CW Planning Solutions has recently submitted an application to convert a barn/stable block near Whiston to St Helens Council. A formal decision is e... [MORE]

Additional work secured with Bassetlaw District Council April 15, 2011
Initial work being carried out with Newark and Sherwood District Council in Nottinghamshire on a review of their planning control/management service... [MORE]