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Back in March i received an appeal decision notice, in which the Inspector dismissed the appeal. Now, I had partially expected that decision, however, what i did expect was a 'half way house' betwen what the Council was saying and what we were trying to achieve. The Inspector did in fact agree on the half way house position, but then, somewhat strangely left the existing plan produced by the Council intact. That was clearly wrong, and wrong in law, so i complained to the Planning Inspectorate. Today I received a profuse apology, and a clear statement that the Inspector had made a very serious error. Whilst they cannot re-write the decision letter, the Inspectorate have conceded my main point that the Council's plan is in fact wrong. 

The client is now quite happy, because it allows her to do what she always wanted to do , move a caravan, in which she lives, 15 metres to the north of where it is now. Yes folks it is that simple. 

The bottom line is even though I lost the appeal , i didnt give up! 

Now, that second complaint i have in about another Inspector's rationale.....lets see how that one goes!

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