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One of my big bug bears is how little training appears to take place for planning practioners these days. Yesterday ( 19th May) I chaired a conference in London, 74 delegates from 37 LPA's on the subject of the changing planning landscape.

The conference looked at alterantive providers of the assessment/determination of planning applicartions. We looked at the problems of setting up shared services, we looked at the recent changes to legislation, the most recent Act and the next Bill announced in the budget. We had a round table debate on where planning was going, and finally we looked at how to cope with all this change.

The feedback was positive, most delegates had, for the first time a grasp of what was going on and how it affects them.

The first thing that struck me was the most northerly LPA represented was Chester and C.W., then it was down to Newark. 

Then it occured to me, when a fellow presenter brought it up, that there is an increasing huge 'derth' of knowledge in LPA's and that the complexities that practioners bring to the system, are forcing these Government changes, to take as much control as possible out of LPA's planners hands.....

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