There is more than one way to skin a cat .....

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A useful proverb is ' given how difficult it is to change your own behaviour you will realise how ( almost ) impossible it is to change the behaviours of others'  

With this in mind, I fully understand that nothing i say or do is likely to change the unacceptable behaviour of some planning services or some planning officers, after all if other bigger and more established planning consultancies find themselves just shaking their heads in despair, then what chance have I got? 

However, the proposed introduction of the privatisation of the determination of planning applications is now out to consultation, and as part of that i am to be part of a teleconference to discuss the issues. For me its not about the decision , its how people behave in arriving at that decision. After all if you had appalling service at  a restaurant you would not choose to go back there. So, armed with a shed load of examples i am going to have my say, and yes i will name names! 

But thats just part of the picture, at the same time, the RTPI is asking independent consultants their views on whether its members in LPAs should be more accountable and it should be easier to make complaints direct to the RTPI rather than wait for the LPA to circle the wagons around the officer(s) concerned and try and protect them. I spent two hours today sending lengthy, evidence based, examples to the RTPI of officers acting with arrogance and impunity to the detriment of the integrity of planning. I shall await the response.............

.....there is more than one way to skin a cat!

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  1. Jackie Avison

    The system needs more Chris Weetman's as a matter or urgency please! As an applicant the whole LPA//RTPI/Planning Inspectorate thing feels like some outdated gentleman's club. We know of many more nasty experiences, than option to change service provider is what it badly needs!

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