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So this afternoon, i am reading a post on the RTPI ICN forum, in which the consultant is representing objectors to a proposal whereby someone wants to use a sheep shed in a field for 12 days a year as a wedding venue and for 48 days a farm activity centre. The question was could you include the days setting up and dismantling apparatus in the calculations for the total of temporary days ( and as such whether it was permitted development or not) 

Another consultant piped up with Ramsey V Secretary of State 2001 where the court held that the decision maker could take into account physical alterations which in effect created a material change of use of the site. 

Then to cap it all off another consultant ( who is also a senior planning inspector) commented that the use was the actual activity, and the setting up/dismantling was ancillary to that activity therefore the counting had to start with the setting up and finish with the there you go!

You learn something new every day !!!

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