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This month i have carried out three training courses on behalf of Trevor Roberts Associates. Firstly i delivered Councillor training to parish and town councils in Derbyshire Dales, then I delivered 'Negotiation Skills' for the Isle of Man the Isle of Man, and, finally a Development Management Update to the Worcestershire Planning Officers Group ( WPOG)

Diverse audiences and diverse subject topics.

All quite challenging , after all town and parish councillors often have their own agendas , in particular where they feel the LPA is not listening to them. The Isle of Man have their own planning system. Thirty planning officers from 5 or 6 different authorities on a wide ranging subject of development management is a challenge in itself to meet their expectations and also to challenge their assumptions and understanding.

However, what struck me with all three audiences , was their willingness to listen and learn, but where they felt they could ( or should) , to challenge and question me......and actually i have no problem with that. 

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