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I am a Chartered Town Planner based in Eccleston, Chorley, Lancashire. The company specialises in providing professional support, advice and training on matters relating to town planning and development.

With 32 years experience in local government, the private sector and the training industry, CW Planning Solutions has the knowledge and experience to help YOU through your planning issues and problems.

Please feel free to browse through the website in detail and see just exactly what services may be suitable for your particular situation. I am very busy at the moment working with private clients on a wide range of schemes across south Lancashire and north Manchester.

Feel free to call me for a chat on 01257453617 or 07518370828 or click on our "contact us" page on this website, alternatively email me at chrisw60@hotmail.co.uk.

Currently working in Chorley, Warrington, Preston, Devon, Lancaster, Leeds, South Ribble, Wigan, Bolton, St Helens and West Lancashire.

My Basic Philosophy as a Planning Consultant 

My philosophy is very simple. I will ask myself 2 questions. Firstly , do I think planning permission should be granted? - if my considered answer is no, I will inform the client of that. If the answer is yes I will then ask myself `Is the LPA likely to approve it or will we probably have to go to appeal?` I will inform the client of that too, and the issues I feel are a problem.

My Basic Philosphy as a Training Consultant 

You are never to late to learn new things and if you are not willing to learn and develop as a professional (or as an organisation) then you do your customers no favours whatsoever, and in turn do yourself no favours either.

Why use a planning consultant? Why not just get someone to draw the plans?

The short answer is to understand what the planning policies and parameters you have to work with(in) and avoid spending money on expensive plans that have no realistic chance of getting approval. A good architect or plan drawer will know their limitations and have access to a good planner, and in reverse a good planner will not try and draw you poor plans.